From Murky to Magnetic

What Keeps You Up at Night?
Consistently appearing in annual surveys of what keeps CEOs up at night: strength of brand and connection to customers.

They should be worried! Their corporate messages (brands) are murky, boring, generic, impotent, forgettable.

The brand is your company’s emotional connection to its customers, its value proposition — articulated in clear, concise, compelling, memorable, repeatable customer language — not industry jargon.

The brand is not a logo, product, SKU, or company.

The brand sets your company’s purpose and direction, and is, therefore, its destiny and ultimate bottom line.

A weak (bland) brand renders your company indistinguishable from its competitors. Think high costs and low margins. Think commodity.

That’s why branding is the CEO’s #1 priority.

Because you’re the brander-in-chief — as you are the salesrep-in-chief, lawyer-in-chief, and fundraiser-in-chief — you need a branding advisor. You must know whether those you’ve entrusted with branding are competent and effective.

Your job, therefore — whether you run a startup company or F500 behemoth, regardless of industry, customer type, or geography — is to ensure that your company create and maintain a strong brand, and that your employees adhere to it.

Your Branding Advisor

I’m Marc Rudov, branding expert and advisor to CEOs.

Additionally, I’m a speaker, media commentator, and the author of Brand Is Destiny: The Ultimate Bottom Line and Be Unique or Be Ignored: The CEO’s Guide to Branding.
My forte is transforming your company from murky (weak brand) to magnetic (strong brand).
I will ensure that your company’s key audiences — customers, investors, reporters, employees — will react to, remember, and repeat its brand.

My focus, therefore, is to help you, the CEO, create and maintain a strong brand for your enterprise — and advise you and your board of directors of the pitfalls and weaknesses in your ranks.


Praise for Marc Rudov

“Marc Rudov’s insightful book on branding proves to CEOs that they can think, operate, and communicate differently than the competition, and win — BIG!!”

Christopher Ruddy
Newsmax Media
Boca Raton, FL


“If you want help getting your company noticed in today’s noisy world, this book is for you. Marc Rudov covers all the bases on the benefits of branding and proper execution. I highly recommend Be Unique or Be Ignored to every CEO, senior executive, and entrepreneur.”

Patrick Bet-David
PHP Agency
Dallas, TX


“I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Marc Rudov’s Be Unique or Be Ignored. Marc has a gift for clarity, conciseness, punch, and wit. I’ve built and funded many companies; had I met him and his book 35 years ago, I would have saved myself many misses.”

Peter Redford
TV Interactive Corporation
San Jose, CA


“Marc Rudov’s book is a refreshing standout from the blur of marketing hype that passes for learning in this field. Boiled down to its essence, his book exhorts marketers to explain their brands in terms customers can: (1) understand and (2) get excited about. Easier said than done, as evidenced by website after website mired in almost incomprehensible technical jargon. Marc’s rework of the HP website is itself worth the price of the book. I found myself thinking, “Oh, that’s what HP is trying to say,” after reading Marc’s rewrite! Admittedly, Marc has some pet peeves that readers may or may not agree with, but they’re instructive nonetheless. The main message — timeless and timely — is well worth it.”

Hobart Mck. Birmingham
Cofounder & Managing Director
The Perreault Birmingham Group LLC
Palo Alto, CA


“Marc Rudov’s Be Unique or Be Ignored is a wakeup call to CEOs who either dismiss the value of branding or delegate its execution to committees. Marc takes a sledgehammer to the conventional branding approach practiced by so many organizations. His no-nonsense, practical, must-read book helps the CEO, whether from a Fortune 100 or startup, understand why branding is so critical and so misunderstood — and how to make it the #1 priority.”

John Racioppi
President & CEO
Scotts Valley, CA


“Marc’s book is a great reminder that everything we do touches our brand. Every point of contact in our company has the opportunity to earn the “GutShare” of our clients and employees alike. Thanks for defining and articulating this, Marc!”

Alex Potts
President & CEO
Loring Ward Group Inc.
San Jose, CA


“I work with a number of clients across the global spectrum, from startups to Fortune 100s. After reading Be Unique or Be Ignored, I have completely changed the way I assess companies and their abilities to achieve sales growth. Marc Rudov’s book is a must-read for any CEO who relies on net new incremental revenue for success.”

Larry Lopez
Australian Venture Consultants
Perth, Australia


Be Unique or Be Ignored: The CEO’s Guide to Branding by Marc Rudov is the best book on branding in years and a must-read for every person interested in his or her company’s success. Marc strips away the typical jargon (which he disdains) that dominates most discussions on marketing and branding and gets right to the point. If you read just one book on marketing or branding this year, this is the book.”

James C. Chapman
Securities Attorney and Partner
Rimon, PC
Palo Alto, CA


“Marc Rudov’s Be Unique or Be Ignored is a must-read for the entire C-suite and for anyone in a position of leadership. Rudov debunks an array of common misconceptions about branding and gets to the essence of why brands are of paramount importance to corporate success. I highly recommend this book.”

Michael J. Burwick
Boston Advisory Group LLC
Boston, MA


“Marc’s book is very good. I really enjoyed it. It’s prescriptive (no handwaving) and, to my pleasant surprise, changed my mind about branding and its role. Without question, Marc makes me think differently about branding.”

Alex Osadzinski
Relias Learning
Cary, NC


“There are so many books on branding. I found Marc’s book to be unique and the best I have read on the subject. It’s a must-read for any CEO looking to cut through the clutter.”

Chris Faulkner
Breitling Energy Corporation
Dallas, TX


“Marc takes the idea of branding and turns it into a brilliant and creative exercise. This book is nothing short of a powerful tool for anyone trying to create a brand.”

Michael Parrotte
AGV Sports Group
Buckeystown, MD


“I could go on and on with you!”

Gerri Willis
The Willis Report
Fox Business Network
New York, NY


“Marc Rudov is the man!”

Brian Sussman
KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman
San Francisco, CA


“To succeed in today’s media-saturated marketplaces, individuals, products, and companies must stand out as unique brands — and Marc Rudov can cut through the clutter to build them.”

Hal Vogel
CEO, Vogel Capital Management
Former Senior Entertainment Analyst, Merrill Lynch
Author, Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis


“Marc Rudov’s ability to wade through business complexity and get people’s attention with simple messaging is indeed rare. Using this skill, he helped us identify and articulate our unique brand.”

Kelly A. Williamson
CritterPix, Inc.
San Anselmo, CA


Be Unique or Be Ignored™