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Strong Brand: Every Company Needs One

Every supplier, regardless of size, regardless of age, regardless of sector — industrial, technology, military, commercial, and consumer — needs a strong brand.

If you’ve always believed that branding is only for consumer-based companies, you’re misinformed.

Your company’s brand — unique, customer-validated value proposition — dictates the people you hire, the processes you implement, and the products you build.

That’s why branding is your #1 priority. If branding is not your #1 priority, make it so — ASAP! Branding basics.

NOTE: PR Is NOT Branding

NEWSFLASH: a brand is not technology, not industry or company jargon, not a product name, not a product description, not a company name, and not a company description.

We appreciate companies that get to “the point” quickly, succinctly, and memorably. They are unique standouts, never confused with others. We gravitate to them because they add maximum value, at minimum cost, to our lives. We’re moved to purchase their products and services.

Yet, some CEOs dismiss or delay branding, as if it were trivial or, worse, burdensome. Watch “The Five Stages of Branding”:


NEVER do we confuse a unique standout — a strong brand — with its competitors. That’s why branding is the CEO’s #1 priority.

NOTE: You cannot brand if you don’t know your market and don’t know the definition of market. Watch the video below: “What Is a Market?”


TEST #1: You have a strong brand when customers, investors, and the media can describe it — in one sentence — without mentioning your product. Can they? Can YOU?

TEST #2: You have a strong brand when customers, investors, and the media REACT to it, REMEMBER it, and REPEAT it. Can they? Do they? Can YOU?

If you answered “no” for either question above, you have a WEAK brand.

Sharpen and strengthen your company’s brand — to make it unique, cut its costs of sales, capital, and media, and boost its GutShare™.

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