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Branding: The CEO’s #1 Priority

Your brand connects your company to its customers and sets its purpose and direction. This is true regardless of your company’s industry, size, age, geography, or customer category.

With a weak brand, your company will accrue high costs of sales, capital, and media — and will drift and crash. That’s why your brand is the ultimate bottom line.

Creating a strong brand, and enforcing it throughout the enterprise, is the CEO’s #1 responsibility and priority.

What can you do, right now? Get unique branding insights, right here, on Marc Rudov TV.
Marc Rudov TV complements my books — Brand Is Destiny: The Ultimate Bottom Line and Be Unique or Be Ignored: The CEO’s Guide to Branding — and my consulting services.




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PROGRAM #50: “CEO: Know Brand vs. Trademark”

PROGRAM #49: “CEO: Don’t Drift & Crash”

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PROGRAM #44: “CEO: Being Unique Put Fox News on Top”

PROGRAM #43: “CEO: Salesreps Are Taxi Meters”

PROGRAM #42: “Branding Fallout From Tantaros v. Fox News”

PROGRAM #41: “CEO: Verify Your Message”

PROGRAM #40: “Will Trump Be Good for Business?”

PROGRAM #39: “CEO: Message Trumps Megaphone”

PROGRAM #38: “CEO: Five Stages of Branding”

PROGRAM #37: “CEO: What Is a Market?”

PROGRAM #36: “CEO: PR Is NOT Branding”

PROGRAM #35: “Whining Hurts Trump’s Brand”

PROGRAM #34: “CEO: Sell with Mirrors, Not Windows”

PROGRAM #33: “CEO: Pitch to Investors with Authority”

PROGRAM #32: “CEO: Your Customers Aren’t Piano Students”

PROGRAM #31: “CEO: Mandate Your Best Sales Tool”

PROGRAM #30: “CEO: Branding Begins with Market Research”

PROGRAM #29: “CEO: Cure OCD (obsessive cloud disorder)”

PROGRAM #28: “Branding: Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush”

PROGRAM #27: “CEO: Avoid Millennial Mania”

PROGRAM #26: “CEO: Are You Passionate About Technology?”

PROGRAM #25: “CEO: Fix Your Branding Gap”

PROGRAM #24: “Hillary’s Brand Appeal”



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