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Engage Marc Rudov, branding advisor to CEOs and author of two books for CEOs on branding — Brand Is Destiny: The Ultimate Bottom Line and Be Unique or Be Ignored: The CEO’s Guide to Branding, to speak at your next event about branding and how it affects your company’s bottom line and growth.

If you’re sick of the status quo — blending in with the white noise of me-too competition — and want to learn unique, bold approaches to reaching customers, investors, and reporters, put Marc in front of your executives. He’ll entertain, inform, and inspire them. He’ll take a jackhammer to their old ideas, biases, and methods.

Caveat: If you want a bland, politically correct, technology-evangelizing, millennial-obsessed speaker, Marc is not for you.



Alysia Silberg’s @StepUpTF FiresideChat

Marc Rudov participated in global panel discussion,
on entrepreneurship, branding, and early-stage investing
on July 23, 2017, at 10AM ET



Israeli American Council | Eitanim

Marc Rudov was the guest speaker on branding,
advising 30 “nextgen” teens about branding Israel,
on April 28, 2016



Executive Advisory Forum

Marc Rudov was the guest speaker on branding,
addressing 25 CEOs, bankers, and business execs,
on March 1 & 2, 2016



Marc Rudov was the luminary speaker on branding,
addressing 25 CEOs and angel investors,
on April 23, 2015



Marc Rudov was the guest expert on branding,
speaking to 35 CEOs and C-level executives,
at the C-Circle event on July 17, 2014



“Pitching Practice for Monthly Demo Day: 11.28.11”



“Polishing Your Pitch/Burnishing Your Brand: 11.17.11”



Keynote (10.28.10): “Be Unique or Be Ignored:
How to Grab Investors & Customers”


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