The brand sets your company’s purpose and direction — regardless of its industry, size, location, or age. That’s why branding is the CEO’s #1 responsibility and priority.


Tolerating a cloudy purpose and direction makes it impossible to develop relevant products, hire qualified people, and institute effective processes.

The CEO, therefore, is the brander-in-chief, the head navigator, the skipper. If your company has a deficient brand, it will drift and crash — and produce an abysmal bottom line.

When does branding begin? On day #1, when you sketch out your idea on a napkin — not, as many believe, after you build a product or after you raise investment capital or after you start to sell your product.

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A brand is like a violin: you must tune and retune and retune it to please your audiences. Never is branding a one-and-done endeavor. Never.

When did you last tune/retune your brand?





Branding Services: 10 Options

Listed below are 10 levels of advisory services: board of directors, bizdev, classical branding, law-firm support, licensing, media coaching, M&A branding, pitching to investors, sales training, and turnaround branding — each provided on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or ongoing basis.

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