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First Agenda Item in Every Boardroom

Here’s advice you’ll find nowhere else: The first agenda item at every board meeting must be an assessment of your company’s brand.


The brand sets your company’s direction and purpose, and dictates its products, people, and processes.

So, the CEO’s #1 priority is branding and must be the #1 agenda item at every board meeting. Otherwise, the board will encounter a syntax error and attenuate shareholder wealth.


This is axiomatic, regardless of the company’s age, industry, customer category, or geography — whether a startup or a behemoth.

You can have the best, most-efficient engine room in the world, but if your ship is heading for an iceberg, it’s moot.

So, if your board meetings are mostly about the engine room, the bottom line — and the shareholders — will suffer.


Your job, on the board of directors, is to ensure that the CEO maintain this priority — and I can help you do that. Never punt. Never dismiss branding or subordinate it.

NOTE: With a weak brand, your company:

  • Cannot maximize its wealth
  • Will amass excessive costs of sales, capital, and media
  • Will increase its corporate risk.

If the brand weakens on your watch, it’s your fault. It’s the board’s fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders to prevent the preventable.



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PARTING ADVICE: As I stated at the outset, the first agenda item at every board meeting must be an assessment of your company’s brand.

If your company’s brand is weak, or you don’t know its strength, call me.




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CEO’s #1 priority is branding; so, the BOD must ensure it. I’ll help you achieve this.

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