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Brand Compatibility & Synergy

The purpose of business development (bizdev) is to partner with other companies that compensate for your firm’s weaknesses, which you can assess by performing a SWOT analysis.

Bizdev comprises the recruiting, vetting, approval, and management of these strategic alliances, typically marketing/sales arrangements.

The first task in business development is to seek partner companies that have brand compatibility and synergy with your enterprise.

NOTE: To succeed in this task, 1) your company must have a strong brand; 2) your bizdev people can articulate it. If not the case, contact me ASAP (scroll to bottom of page).

After establshing brand (value) compatibility, the parties must verify the positive meshing of their products, services, styles, processes, and relevant employees — all of which are ephemeral.



Never Put BizDev in Sales

The marketing organization always should run business development, to arm the sales organization with better offerings.

Never put business development, a strategic operation, in the hands of your tactical, transaction-driven, quota-incented sales organization. The results will be what you’d expect: disastrous.

That said, your company must train the salesreps of your strategic partners, alongside your own, as they are also your feet on the street.
NOTE: Alliance and channel partners are not customers; they are business partners. Never refer to them, or treat them, as customers.



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Business development (bizdev) is subordinate to the brand. Alliance partners must have compatible brands. I’ll help you manage this.

Contact me directly to work out objective, scope, timeframe, fee structure, and the method of payment.

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