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You Get 15 Seconds to Make Your Point!

So, don’t sit for an interview — radio, TV, magazine, newspaper, name your venue or medium — without the proper preparation and training!

And, the same axiom applies to giving presentations and speeches.




Everywhere your company’s value proposition (brand) is articulated, in written or oral form, is a branding billboard — and must be treated as such. Branding is not an impromptu task. Words matter. Don’t wing it!

If your company has a murky brand, you’ll give a murky speech, thereby compounding the murkiness of that brand — further proof that branding is the CEO’s #1 priority.

Murky Brand Murky Speech Murkier Brand

Delivering a keynote, pitching an M&A plan to the board, or announcing a new product on radio, TV, or at a press conference?

Every time you open your mouth, you’re branding your company.

You must articulate your point clearly, succinctly, compellingly, and memorably in the first 15 seconds — or your audience will tune you out.

This is a fundamental of branding.

If your communication is ambiguous, nebulous, and confusing, its cost will rise: you’ll have to explain and reexplain it to the few who want to hear it again.

Cut your cost of communication: make it crystal-clear from the outset and at all times.


This 15-second axiom is especially true when one communicates to a large TV or radio audience. Click on the MarcRudov TV icon below to see and hear some of my media appearances.


Your Words Will Score Only When Audiences

  • React to them
  • Remember them
  • Repeat them.



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