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CEO: Camouflaging Your Salesforce?


Do you know exactly what your direct salesreps and channel partners pitch to potential customers?

Trust me, you don’t. You’d be surprised.

Or, maybe not.

Mostly, they make it up as they go along.

And, when they do, your cost of sales skyrockets.

Think of your direct and indirect salesreps as taxi meters. Time is money, and the meter is always running. Watch the following video.

Salesreps Are Taxi Meters

REALITY: Your brand is so weak, confusing, or unfathomable (just look at your homepage) that it doesn’t work in a sales call. If you have 1,000 reps on the street, you have 1,000 different brands.

Every time your salesrep opens his mouth, he’s branding your company.

Salesreps are coin-operated, transaction-oriented machines. Each will do and say what works to close sales — using jargon as default lingo — even to the strategic detriment of your company.

Jargon is generic camouflage — it makes your company look and sound like its competitors. How can customers tell the difference? They can’t.



The weaker your brand, the more your reps will act like unruly, rogue branding agents — thereby raising your cost of sales.

Don’t tolerate it! Kill the camouflage!

Sell your brand. Sell value — not jargon, not technology, not products.

Why? Value is what customers buy.

Put another way: What you say dictates what they pay.

Sales training matters. The only way to perfect anything is through repetition. Ensuring that your salesforce remain on-message is no exception!

NOTE: Social media can’t replace an excellent salesforce — or offset a bad one.

Sharpen your brand. Train your salesforce. Enrich your shareholders.

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