Why Marc Rudov?


CEO: Why You Need Marc Rudov, Branding Advisor

Why should you hire Marc Rudov?

Good question. You already have a marketing department, PR firm, and ad agency: the MPA Troika.

NOTE: PR Is NOT Branding!

Branding involves two components: message and megaphone. The MPA Troika is reasonably good to excellent at the megaphone but disappointing to incompetent at the messaging. This is why most companies in any industry or industry segment look and sound alike.
HINT #1: The megaphone component is easy. The message component is extremely difficult — it’s not for amateurs. Alas, amateurs* are almost always responsible for messaging.

HINT #2: Feeding white noise through a megaphone yields louder white noise. That’s why you must get the messaging right, from the start.

*NOTE: If customers, investors, and media professionals don’t react to, remember, and repeat your message, amateurs created it.


Etch These Three Points Permanently in Your Brain

  • The fist-pumping MPA Troika is in love with your products, company, jargon, and technology — this is producting, not branding: instant failure
  • Branding requires independent, objective devotion to customers — not to products, companies, technologies, and industry jargon
  • Marc Rudov is not in love with your products, company, jargon, and technology — never will be. He messages to your customers, not your competitors. Bonus for you.

The MPA Troika will try to please you, not challenge you. These folks will walk on eggshells around you, in fear, as depicted in the image at the top of this page.

Unless you relish surrounding yourself with spineless sycophants, terminate the business-as-usual, competitor-imitating status quo!


Time for a Paradigm Earthquake

Because branding is so political, as you will learn in Be Unique or Be Ignored: The CEO’s Guide to Branding, your MPA Troika, bereft of true branding expertise, will “play it safe” to preserve their paychecks.
Result? The MPA Troika’s output will fail in the marketplace (that’s why so many competitors look and sound alike) and escalate your costs of sales, capital, and media.

Accordingly, your company will:

  • Perpetuate its legacy, whatever that is
  • Keep using useless jargon and mindless hashtags
  • Continue dwelling in its comfort zone.

So, what have you accomplished? Nothing. Time for a paradigm earthquake.


Bottom Line: Marc Rudov will challenge you, your status quo, and your MPA Troika. Branding is your #1 priority. If you want your company to be a unique standout from the white noise of me-too competition, hire Marc Rudov.

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