Obamacare: Branding Bullcrap


Kathleen Sebelius revealed herself, once again, as a prevaricating political hack and a branding ignoramus. She told Politico: “Obamacare has a very bad brand… I think we may need to call it something in the future different, but it’s working.”

Obamacare does have a very bad brand, but not for the reasons you think, Ms. Sebelius (a lot of misinformation and a lot of paid advertising). Spare us.

Kathleen Sebelius is the former secretary of Health and Human Services, the federal agency “responsible” for the fraudulent, bungled, $1B Healthcare.gov rollout.

The key reason so many Democrats lost their jobs in the midterm elections last month: Obamacare.

Obamacare, AKA the Affordable Care Act, isn’t working, won’t work, and isn’t fixable. It was forced deceptively on the American public. According to the CBO, in 2023, Obamacare will leave 31 million Americans uninsured. Tell us again why it exists?

Obamacare is so unpopular that only 37% of Americans like it.
The Art of Bullcrap

President Barack Obama told us, repeatedly, that, if we like our healthcare plans and doctors, we could keep them. Not true.


Nancy Pelosi, former speaker of the House, unknowingly compared the Obamacare law to a stool sample: “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.” Is this not the art of bullcrap?


Jonathan Gruber, MIT economist and Obamacare architect, chortled to elitist audiences that passing Obamacare would require lack of transparency to fool the stupid American voters.


When the latest enrollment period opened last month, an analysis concluded the average policy deductible is now 326% higher than those found in employer-provided plans. How’s that for affordable!
Brand Refresher

As I stated above, Kathleen Sebelius is a branding ignoramus. She seriously believes the problem with Obamacare is its name, not its false premise. If she were the CEO of a public company, she’d go to jail.

A brand is a value proposition, not a name. A name, a logo can represent a brand but never constitute one. I cover this axiom in chapter #1 of Be Unique or Be Ignored: The CEO’s Guide to Branding.

I believe Shakespeare said: What’s in a name? That which we call bullcrap by any other name would smell as putrid. Face it: Obamacare stinks. It is not about care; it’s about Obama. That’s why he sold it so hard — he had to.

What is the brand, the value proposition, of Obamacare? Is it disdain, mendacity, fraud in the inducement? Remember: Obama told us we can keep our doctors if we like them. We can’t. He promised that our costs would go down. They went up. You deduce Obamacare’s brand for yourself.

Upon further reflection, the only new name I’d accept for this failed law: repealed.

Obama’s Speechwriters Laugh About Obamacare Lies

Parting Advice to CEOs

Imagine a scenario where you sell bullcrap to customers, investors, and reporters. Then, the truth comes out: it’s vaporware, and everybody knows it. You and your company are disgraced. Customers and shareholders are outraged. Lawsuits abound.

Now, imagine facing your board with a bogus proposal to rename your hollow product. If you can imagine this, become a politician.
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